The idea behind Green Arts Gallery is to promote local art and
raise funds for land conservation initiatives.  Creator
lives on the Oak Ridges Moraine near Stouffville,
Ontario and is a contemporary landscape artist.  "
It all started
when I moved to the country with my husband and son.  We
bought 25 acres of protected land and became instant land
stewards - we love this responsibility and want to contribute more
to the sustainability of our earth for the sake of our son and future

Green Arts Gallery merges two of my and
protecting the environment."
Enjoy Original Fine Art by WENDY LAVALLE

"It didn't take long for me to start photographing and painting the beautiful
landscape I see around me everyday. "
and Help Save the Earth

A portion of the Proceeds from all GHRE paintings are donated by Green Arts
to local conservation authories.   Currently, Wendy LaValle is
channelling funds into the
Oak Ridges Moraine Land Trust...which is focused
on preserving, protecting and expanding the Oak Ridges Moraine.  

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Green Arts Gallery
...where art and land conservation merge!
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