GHRE #1 20x 20, board
"It's the influence of nature that's the focus of my
ongoing series GHRE.  Time spent in nature is very
important to me...I find it both meditative and
spiritual...having a calming and rejuvenating effect.  
Nature is entirely independent of people....the day to day
concerns of life don't matter here.  My response to nature
is captured with luminous colours, glossy textures,
abstracted views....channelling mother nature's most
subtle expression."

- Wendy
GHRE #3, 10 x 10, board
GHRE #4, 10 x 10, board
GHRE #2, 10 x 10, board
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2006 -2020

GHRE #5, 20 x 20, board
GHRE #6, 20 x 20,  board
GHRE #7, 20 x 20, board
GHRE #8, 10 x 10, board
GHRE #9, 10 x 10, board
GHRE #10, 12 x 12, board
A portion of the Proceeds
from all GHRE paintings are
donated by Green Arts
Gallery to local conservation

Currently, Wendy LaValle is
channelling funds into the
Oak Ridges Moraine Land
Trust...which is focused on
preserving, protecting and
expanding the Oak Ridges
GHRE # 11, 12 x 12, board