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"PASSAGE OF TIME is my newest series.  It's a large scale, high
impact series with exciting texture, powerful colours and a rich
luminous finish."

"PASSAGE OF TIME  is an extension my landscape work...and
builds on my creative process by exploring the interrelationship
between painting and sculpting.  Like a sculptor who pours
molten bronze into a mold....I pour wax...but onto the
board...allowing the medium to seek its own form.  This process
relates to nature which always seeks it's natural form...regardless
of our structures and technology...nature will impose it's will.  

In 2014 with the impact of c
limate change around the globe this is
more relevant than

- Wendy    
Commissions of PASSAGE OF
TIME are available in custom
colours and/or sizes in order to
best suit your style, decor,
home or office.  
PASSAGE OF TIME (orange) - 14,  36 x 36, board
PASSAGE OF TIME (green) - 14, 36 x 36
PASSAGE OF TIME (violet) - 14, 36 x 36
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