"For me it’s very simple…I love encaustic painting.…the different textures and
marks, the reaction of layering colours – transparent and opaque, then
, scraping, pouring until the painting is built, revealed.  It’s the
combination of painting and sculpting that makes it fun."

What is Encaustic??  It's the process of mixing melted wax with pigments,
then applying the coloured wax to the support..ie canvas, paper, board.  With
further heating
and scraping the painting is achieved. This technique was
used in ancient times by Romans and Egyptians...works that are among the
best preserved of all times.

"I’ve painted in oil and acrylic for years…but I'm most excited about this
medium.  I find it contemporary - thick and textural.  It' s both modern and

My work is always about Time, Place and the Human Experience.  I spend a
lot of time in nature.  I find it both meditative and spiritual...having a calming
and rejuvenating effect.  Nature is entirely independent of people...the day to
day concerns of life don't matter here.  My response to nature is captured with
luminous colours, glossy textures, abstracted views...channelling mother
nature's most subtle expression.  

                                                                   - Wendy
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